Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Parks Companies

The Parks Companies are dedicated to "innovative and forward thinking solutions for today's swine industry."

To innovative and forward-thinking we would like to add adorable.

Just look at the line of piglets kicking up their heels as they trail mama toward the processing plant!

We're seeing a new standard of maternal devotion and family togetherness, a new vision of peace and respite. It's as though Norman Rockwell relocated to Hog Finishing Town, USA! Banished to sour memory are the scenes of adoring mothers and fascinated babes, the shared language of care and regard. And good riddance! In Suicidefoodland, such ideas are manacles shackling us to a world we can never again know.

We are—once more—reminded of those regimes that bepimple human history, the regimes that seek to erase the past and sever every last connection to it. This is the new Year 0.

With the past a political prisoner relegated to a lightless cell, and the future a savior who will never be born, all that remains is a present with no power to elevate us. A Now that sees us drawn ever closer to the grave.

Or, you know, a present wherein the piglets scamper ever closer to their sweet fate.

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