Sunday, February 21, 2010

Browns the Butchers

A proud tradition of sheep stomach stuffing and boiling, haggis represents all that is Scottish.

However, this disembodied sheep's stomach is English, the tam o'shanter notwithstanding.

He wants you to eat him and his fellow, um, muscular digestive organs in a weird and punishing tribute to the heritage of the people who killed the sheep who previously housed him.

Funny isn't it—and we don't mean funny ha ha, we mean funny completely screwed up—that the stomach, good old Gastro, is depicted as an animal-like quadruped. He even has a tail! (Unless that's just his darling little pyloric canal.) It's as though the sheep's absence means the haggis ordeal is simply too far removed from anything resembling a cute little animal. This is unacceptable! Thus, the personified stomach, an entity we can hardly believe we haven't invoked before.


Becci said...

Eeew, look at his little claw feet!!

Desdemona said...

What Becci said! It's bad enough that a stomach should HAVE feet - or a hat, for that matter - but the fact that they appear to be chicken feet (and there are 4 of them) adds a certain extra-nightmarish je ne sais quoi to the whole business. WTF?!