Friday, February 5, 2010

Rapping McNuggets

No sooner do we finish discussing one rancid musical number than another one oozes into our awareness.

Heaven help us, but combing through the back-catalog of McDonald's atrocities could be a whole career for some poor loser. We have featured only a few (this one, this one, and this one), but there is a stinking cesspool of it creeping through popular culture like an oxygen-depleted dead zone spreading across the ocean.

Take this toxic morsel. It's the perfect blend of cultural appropriation and suicidefoodist madness. In the early 1980s, the mainstream was beginning to take notice of "rap" music, finding in it another opportunity for economic ransacking. Thus, the chicken chunk trio and their peculiar orthography ("Chik N"), their bling, their flashy style.

And, because no animal-based product is truly palatable unless it's on board with its own consumption, Chik N raps, dances, and clowns around in a self-congratulatory sham.

"We like this rap. It really rocks! But we'd rather jump in the barbecue sauce! 'Cause we're Chik N!"

Break it down. (As the saying went.) They have their preferences, their tastes, their habits. They enjoy a love of lyrical expression. But it's all in the service of being eaten. At the end of the day, they would simply rather jump in the barbecue sauce. Why? Because they are made of chicken, and that is their real purpose.

(Thanks to Dr. Isa Chandra for the referral.)


Inkspotz said...

I recall seeing this during the very earliest 90s, which explains the Vanilla Ice'ish (not threatening to white people) McNugget doing all the rapping.

But of course, McDonalds, and many other companies, still have yet to recognized things that became popular in the 80s, even a full decade later.

Frogulous said...

Be fair here. I don't think McNuggets have enough animal product to actually be called chicken. (I recall reading somewhere that they considered the skin to be chicken. Make of that what you will.)
Even though I do eat meat, I never touch these little "McTumors". Yuk.
And Chik'n rap... not even gonna comment on that!

Erika said...

Oh man, I remember this ad. Atrocious, on so many levels, and not just because it's suicide food.

Anonymous said...

Between this and the Sesame Street chicken travesty you covered recently, the gov't has plenty to broadcast on a loop and torture eco-prisoners Clockwork Orange style....

Becci said...


The chicken nuggets are made of chicken. Haven't you ever bitten into one and found a big vein? I have. Meat is meat, whether it's organic and free-range or whether it's swept off the slaughterhouse floor.