Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Here we see the suicidefood equivalent of the inmates taking over the asylum:

The entrées have taken over the restaurant!

(Pay no attention to the minuscule, cleaver-wielding fellow in the gigantic sombrero. This is all about the animals.)

The steer is really putting his back into it, hoisting his friends on their trays, and, if the apron is any indication, holding down the fort in the kitchen. The disproportionate pig and chicken—too small and too large, respectively—are happy just looking tasty.

This vignette reminds us of Alan Weisman's World Without Us. Should humanity vanish, the animals will carry on, managing the eateries, keeping the ovens full. Of course, with no people to consume them, theirs will be an empty existence, void of meaning. All the time in the world to perfect themselves as the main courses, a status that gives them reason to live, but no one to consume them. It'll be like a Twilight Zone episode made real.

Addendum: Look! It's another animal waiter carrying out-of-scale companions on a tray! (A new motif? Will we be seeing more of it in the coming months?) This server offering his chicken and cow pals is the natty pig of Mighty Swine Dining, a name that raises the question: Is this dining on pigs, or dining in the manner of pigs? (Thanks to Dr. Charlie for the referral.)

Addendum 2 (4/10/10): The sense of scale seems a little better. But still.


Bea Elliott said...

Yes... Pity the World Without Us -
Or as Henry Salt put it in 1897 on
The Humanities of Diet - A vision of "The grievous wondrings of homeless herds, who could find no kind protector to eat them."

Annie said...

That pig waiter is one of the most f*ked up pictures I've seen on this site. And that's saying a lot.