Saturday, July 31, 2010

Suicide Snacks: quickies 7

Sometimes even a hot soapbox isn't enough to keep us motivated. Sometimes we just need a rest. Which is why we instituted the Suicide Snack format back in 2008, to ease up on the throttle and coast a bit. (The most recent installment.)

The chicken is taking no chances. You will stop to sit down, place your order, and consume chickens. Damn bird's been pestering the selectmen of Troy, Michigan, to put in flashing lights and a billboard too.

Laughing and roasting. Two great verbs that go great together.

In his great laughing roast-anticipation, this pig appears to be actively dissolving, firing off flecks of flesh in all directions. Which is known in the business, distressingly, as pork shrapnel.

A remarkable fate in Richland, Georgia: transformed in death into a train, doomed to ply the rails and deliver the people who will consume your corpse. It's practically Greek in its tidy horror.

The ghost of a disembodied bird head happily haunts the patrons of this Perth chicken place.

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