Friday, July 9, 2010

Mellin Baby Food

Italian babies live like emperors!

They eat chickens and cows and fish, naturally. But their palates push them far beyond the pedestrian tastes of humbler infants. Push them, in fact, to the consumption of rabbits, lambs, ostriches, and horses! (There's something especially grand about the thought of a horse—a stamping, champing beast, so sturdy, so tall, so proud—killed, puréed, homogenized, and portioned into tiny packages for the delectation of a diapered Nero.)

The power and goodness of tyrannical children makes dying and being eaten that much more honorable! To be spooned into their pure mouths! To be wiped from their rosy cheeks and glistening chins!

The rabbit smiles shyly at the thought of it.

The lamb beams a gentle grin.

A wholesome smirk plays upon the chicken's beak.

Today, they will be served to babies, accompanied by the fanfare of Italian airplanes threading the skies and Italian trains charging into tunnels. What a send-off!

(Thanks to Dr. Marina for the photos.)


Anonymous said...

I think this one deserved at least 4 nooses.

Cynthia Haug-West said...

I agree with Anonymous....definitely a four-noose piece. It put me off my feed, that's for sure. Such sweet-faced creatures belong in toddlers' picture books where peace reigns and all of Creation lives in harmony--not on baby-food packaging. Ugh. [retching, gagging....]

Anonymous said...

Does this baby food contain actual meat? Seriously? I've never had a baby but I had no idea that was even allowed.

Ben said...

Allowed? Nothing must stand between the animals and their chosen consumers! (Yes, baby food can have meat in it.)

Roz said...

HI Dr Marina,

let me tell you first that we give to our little "monster" :) real food not this shit sold everywhere...but let me ask you this...

in a WORLD where only the MEDIA win over your MIND(because of all this brainwash), what would you expect to see in a market? little chicken mummified with a rose ribbon on it?
there is no chance in a world where the ignorance is prevailing we would see ppl no buying this crap.

Melissa said...

If you're going to eat meat you should at least see a picture of it. I'd prefer to see a picture of an animal than have it glossed over as it often the case!

Anonymous said...

The cavallo baby food is great, Puts a little giddy-up in your step. If god(thats another joke) didn't want us to eat meat, he wouldn't of made it so tasty,I am a Proud member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)

John Carter said...

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