Thursday, July 15, 2010

GB's Barbeque

This latest example of daisychaining, this Ouroboros of living meat, this skein of life's seeking its own ending, this seamless ribbon of flesh—how it awakens our certainty that all is not well.

In Suicidefoodland's cosmogony, this is the corrupted Circle of Life: two "food" animals so crazed by the promise of their imminent destruction that they dress in tuxedos and go forth to eat and be eaten. Annihilation is the hub of life's wheel, the seed from which meaning grows.

The cow and pig are at existence's Apex-Nadir: Prey and predator at once, they embody the Alpha and Omega of life simultaneously!

As they grab their companion's foot, they follow each other gleefully into hell.

(Thanks to Dr. Lynnerd for the referral.)

Addendum (8/31/10): Dr. Lynnerd has apprised us of a new offering from GB's, and it's every bit as nettlesome as the original! Gone is the joy of reciprocal gluttony, and in its place is suicidefoodism's version of sanctimony.


John V. said...

This is like the suicidefood version of M.C.Escher's "Drawing Hands".

Julian E said...

I like the completely bloodless bites already in their backs -- as if pigs and cattle were actually made of gingerbread or something.

John V. said...

I take it back... it's more like the opening of the Supernatural episode "My Bloody Valentine"... only less bloody.