Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sexy Hot Dog Tattoo

Everything you thought you knew about the world is wrong.

You thought the world was built upon a bedrock of reason. Wrong.

You thought that, though people show remarkably poor judgment when determining what goes inside their bodies, they would nevertheless refrain from indelibly marking the outside of their bodies with something like this. Wrong.

You thought that, while hot dogs might indeed wish to be consumed—and thus achieve a pig's closest approximation of a second death—and while hot dogs can, in fact, be capable of assuming a sporty attitude, they could never represent anything resembling sexual beings. Wrong wrong wrong.

This very frank frank—permanently residing on the skin of an actual human being—pleasures herself through the application of edible lubricants. Her eventual consumption will be her most intense climax, the highest note to go out on.



JAB said...

I'm adding a noose for the inherent misogyny. Ugh.

Frogulous said...

So, he wants to eat ("eat"?) a woman but with the relevant section being a tubular unit, and in a bun accompanied with green stuff while she showers in condiments. And with a knot in her bottom? There is a built-in psych eval of some kind going on here.

Cooking Asshole said...

I am etching that into my skin as I type!