Saturday, July 17, 2010

God Burger

A startling artifact from the Far East. Its meaning is puzzling, to be sure. Is it, in fact, an example of culture misappropriation? An innocent mistranslation? Mimetic crossed wires?

If you ask us (and we are specialists), the people at have it all wrong.

Godburger isn't evidence of mangled English. No, this hamburger is God. Okay, okay, perhaps he's only one god among many. We can't pin down the ecclesiastical nuances, but we maintain that the distinction is irrelevant.

The burger is supernatural. Clad in naught but a lettuce breechclout and comically oversized footwear, Godburger—He of the Shiny Bun—is the perpetually satisfied sacrifice. Thumbs-upping into eternity, he offers himself again and again, ever-rebirthing himself anew. He promises life—he guarantees and sustains it—by delving deeply into the magic of death.


Anonymous said...

God Burger does have tofu burgers, so vegetarians can be disappointed by their god burgers as well.

John V. said...
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John V. said...

Holy Santa on a Crucifix!