Saturday, October 10, 2009

Have Pig Will Travel

No indignity is too small! No affront too minor! Heap on the abuse—the pig can take it all and come back for seconds! Pigs are old hands at this, after all, the greedy acceptance of ill will and pain.

Leave it to the wishy-washy "food" animals to participate merely by bringing the barbecue to you. Yes, it makes their destruction that much more assured, but where is the extra portion of humiliation? The utter debasement? Sure, it's embarrassing to haul the grill around with you, but it's not floridly embarrassing.

Which is where the Have Pig Will Travel pig comes in. He consents to be ridden to the barbecue that will claim his life, smiling. And don't spare the spurs! If he's not burning with shame, it's hardly worth his while.

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