Friday, October 30, 2009

Pig Roast and Halloween Party

Nothing to be afraid of here, with this sample Halloween pig-roast-and-party invitation.

It's just a pig-witch, smiling at the thought of her own roasting skin and flesh.

While grasping a barbecue fork in her deformed clawlike hand.

And sinking in the mud, making us wonder whether she'll drown before she can be shot in the head with a bolt gun.

Kids! Come back! It'll be fun!

Why are you crying?

(Happy Halloween.)

1 comment:

Desdemona said...

In addition to their other crimes, the hosts of this shindig are guilty of a particularly heinous grammatical sin: the misplaced apostrophe. By identifying themselves on the invitation as "The Onner's," they have consigned themselves to the eternal barbecue!