Sunday, October 18, 2009

C. Eliot's BBQ Catering

This one takes some decoding. The clues can be found on Porkbeard's pirate get-up.

On his hat, Strong Persuader. That's Robert Cray's handle.

On the guitar, SRV. For Stevie Ray Vaughn.

The buckled boots give us BB and T Bone, for B. B. King and T Bone Burnett. (Or T-Bone Walker?)

And on the hem of his pirate-type coat, Slow Hand. Eric Clapton.

In other words, he is not only a pig dedicated to the prospect of death-by-barbecue, but also a living tribute to kings of the guitar. In other other words, he is a burnt offering on the altar of the guitar gods. Which means… Well, we don't know what it means.

The pig is primed for sacrifice. It's what drives him. In clothes marked with the names of his idols, he plays his swan song. The smoke from his burning flesh will—must!—somehow, reach the land of his gods. In death, he can commune with the forces that gave his life meaning.

Like we said, we don't get it either.

Addendum: Finally! An excuse to use this one.


Frogulous said...

I've been reading this blog for some time, and it has helped me become much more aware of strange animal depictions on packaging. (Skinny cow ice cream, anyone?)
I am not a vegetarian, and don't plan to become one, but I have a question that I thought someone here could help me with. I have seen in the store vegetarian bacon and sausage, and this last weekend noticed a brand of "chicken" soup, the label of which declared to be vegan.
My question is, if someone has chosen to not eat animal products, why would they seek out and buy meat flavored foods?
This is not a troll, I genuinely wonder about this. I mean, it seems to me that bacon is as non-veggie as you can get! Why would someone want a veggie version?
If anyone could enlighten me about this I would appreciate very much.

Thank you.

Ben said...

The reason why most people stop eating meat isn't because they woke up one morning and decided it tasted bad. They stopped eating meat and/or dairy because of what it is. It's hell on animals, human health, and the environment, and they decided they didn't want to support that anymore. Eating so-called analog(ue)s can provide you with a favorite flavor or allow you to recreate a long-lost meal. The reason why a packager might refer to it as "chicken" is to give the consumer an idea of what the stuff might taste like and what could be done with it.

The "veggie version" of bacon is an approximation of bacon's flavor (and possibly texture, depending on the product), with none of bacon's badness.

frogulous said...

Thank you for a very calm and informative answer.

It was just one of those things that hung around the back of my brain and I just had to ask.
At first glance, it does seem odd to me but it makes sense as you explain it. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Jade Graham said...

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