Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pigalicious BBQ

This decal is a lavish bit of generica—it advertises no specific restaurant or product, but can easily be pressed into service on behalf of any pig-related company or consumer goods.

It's got a lot going for it: a pig's come-hither gaze, the apple of death held aloft like Eve's temptation, even a little heart nestled amid the typography.

Honestly, it's as thoughtful and painstaking a piece of suicidefoodiana as any created for a national chain or prestigious local joint. Its all-purpose intentions mean that it is a distillation of everything that's "good" about suicide food. Indeed, it's got the pig proud to play its role as foodstuff and the cutesy admixture of sex and death. (There is something repellent about the way the pig tries to lure us with the barbecue equivalent of a ball gag.)

As an everydecal, suitable for any barbecue-themed business that should come along, it hits all the "right" notes and could easily render even the fly-by-nightiest spot every bit as nauseating as the best-bankrolled barbecue establishment.

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