Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bishop's Barbeque

This kind of throws religion's capacity for providing comfort out the window. When confronted with the universe's unimaginable vastness, when we despair of finding our purpose within its infinite expanses, religion offers us a hopeful calm. When we contemplate our own death, and the eternity that will elapse as we continue in an existenceless state, religion can console us with a life after our death.

And then there's this guy.

What message for his flock?

"Follow me!" he says resolutely, waving his crozier around like a conductor's baton. "Into the fires! Therein lies the meaning you have sought!"

He offers the pigs pain. He promises them death. And all they must do to secure their rightful (and lowly) place in the unfolding of things is allow themselves to be killed and eaten.

Are you surprised that this is the fastest-growing religion among pigs? And are you surprised than an actual Episcopal Diocese would employ His Eminence the Pig to advertise its barbecue? Some things happen beyond reason.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard the word of the Lard today?

Ben said...

What do you think we are? Some kind of meathen?