Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stumpy's House of Bar-B-Que

This mother-loving, iron-pumping pig is working hard. The sweat springs from his brow like popping popcorn as he labors to prove his worth. He isn't your average, flabby hog from St. Charles (Missouri). He has poured countless, tedious hours into creating the tough, chewy Adonis you see before you.

Where Stumpy differs from some of the other "food" animals we've seen who suffer from Self-Destructive Narcissism is in his particular brand of self-love. Oh, he still wants to die, of course. But his all-out regimen of jerks, presses, and reps isn't fueled by anger. No. He's happy. Happy to have perfected the vessel that holds the meat some lucky diner will soon be eating.

Death. Now that's perfection.

(Thanks to Dr. TIF for the referral.)

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the series 'V' in the 1980's... The lizard people in disguise have this big muscled body builder show off (he thinks he's impressing everyone with his muscles) Then, they have him step into a box like it is some magic trick, the door closes, a button is pushed, and WHOOSH the door of the box opens to a freshly prepared pile of dressed red raw human flesh and everyone applauds!