Monday, August 31, 2009

Bootleg Bar-B-Q

With an illegal pig under his arm and a pail of questionable barbecue sauce sloshing onto his dungarees, a backwoods ne'er-do-well tries to ditch the revenuer. Or the gummint's barbecue inspector. Or whatever.

Believe it or not, there's something even more important going on here than the extravagant display of stereotypes! (Quick note: More stereotypical barbecuing hillbillies here and here.)

What has really grabbed our interest is that Bootleg Bar-B-Q is propounding a novel legal theory. Previously, we've seen the assertion that access to barbecue is a civil right, the denigration of criminal barbecue, and the thoughtful observation that legally obtained seafood is preferable.

Bootleg Bar-B-Q, however, flips such prudent legalisms upside down. To hear them tell it, it's the very goodness of barbecue that could render it illegal. ("So Good it Oughta be Illegal!") And what of the pig? That smiling accessory is now an accomplice, aiding and/or abetting this blatant act of barbecue in the second degree.

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John said...

Is there any food better than BBQ? I mean seriously?