Friday, August 7, 2009

Cedar Hill Neighborhood Cook-Off

Cedar Hill, in (we believe) upstate Suicidefood, is a downright neighborly place.

They've got themselves a neighborhood cook-off, for one thing. For another, they've got the neighborliest host this side of… say, Cedar Junction.

You step right up, you tell the Ultimate Victim Neighbor what you crave, and, quick as a wink, he gets you taken care of. Ribs? Hotdogs? Whatever you like. Naturally, he steers you away from the burgers. And, not wanting to offend him by turning down the flesh of his fellows, you skip the beef.

We all know what the highlight of the event is, right? The pig impaling himself on the tines of his prodigious stabber thing? It's only the courteous thing to do.


UFC 101 Live Stream said...

i laughed out loud on the cooking pig image. the pic is so cute. haha

Draganmac said...
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Draganmac said...
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Anonymous said...

Only Two Nooses!!! I worked hard on the print materials for Cedar Hill BBQ!!

I am the artist/designer of the Cedar Hill BBQ Cookoff and yes, I drew the pig up there. Someone from Cedar Hill saw this and it eventually found it's way to my notice.

You guys also forgot the other Pig image I worked on:

Come on out for some yummy Pork Butts and Ribs!!!

Ben said...

To quote from the Suicide Food bylaws:

"Our system of awarding nooses is not intended as an indication of the skill with which any given logo, sign, mark, token, portrayal, or other depiction is executed." (Emphasis added.)

Thank you for contacting us.

Click here to SEE the OTHER PIG!! said...

I really don't know how this Blog works or ANY Blog for that matter. But if you want to see the OTHER Pig I designed for Cedar Hill BBQ, just click on my name!

Draganmac said...

Oh well Ben, that's Okay. I got well paid to do the artwork anyway. And now that it's up here at Suicide Foods, my work's getting more bang for it's bucks with some FREE ADVERTISING!!!!

Did I mention Cedar Hill will be cooking Pork Butts?!