Friday, August 21, 2009

Winelands Pork

Winelands Pork is a South African outfit that prides itself on its status as "an export approved abattoir specialising in the slaughtering of pigs."

And they're not the only ones with pride! Their pig spokesman is just busting! He's not the public face of any old pig-killing bunch, you know. This one specializes/ises! They "adhere to strict hygiene protocols." And he's in good company—they have the capacity to slaughter up to 4,000 pigs a week!

Why, they even have an "onsite… veterinarian [to] ensure that the abattoir functions to the most strictest of standards as required locally as well as internationally." The pig's got a private physician! To guarantee that he and his chums are killed and butchered properly. No wonder he's grateful!

He can sleep easy, knowing that his humans are always thinking about him, seeing to his needs and comfort, making sure his essence doesn't contaminate the human food supply. (A frequent cause of worry among pigs!)

Sidenote: Do slaughterhou—pardon us. Abattoirs. Do abattoirs commonly have vets on staff? And do veterinary credentialing bodies have anything to say about their docs performing in this capacity? The way, for instance, the AMA has rules about physicians participating in, say, torture?

(We can't say for certain whether this is the vet, snapped while tending one of his patients.)

And just for laughs, here's another Winelands Pork pig. Dude: only 32.98 rands for a kilogram of vark skouer of boud tjops? We'd be happy, too, to know that our meat was on offer at such a resonable price!

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