Thursday, May 20, 2010

Smokin' D'Heiniees BBQ

Now, we're fundamentally opposed to the barbekooks' frequent conflation of sex with violence. And we have nothing but disdain for their sexualizing of meat (a phrase we shudder even to type). And yet.

And yet there's something timid about this, as though the Smokin' D'Heiniees folks simply lost their nerve.

From the fresh-faced gilt's demure posture to her complete lack of erotic footwear, we're seeing a long string of missed opportunities.

Face it, the most transgressive element of the scene is the orthography. (H-e-i-n-i-e-e-s?)

If it weren't for the pig sitting atop the grill, waiting for her moment to finally experience the "adult" thrills life can offer, we could almost ignore the subtext and turn away from the muddled double entendre.

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