Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Roast Beef with Onions

Fear not! Still your racing heart! Spare your sympathies for someone who needs them.

This Alpine maid is not weeping with dread at her impending slaughter and consumption. True, the man is hefting the hammer even as we watch this scene, and the butcher is whetting his blades. Though the purplish mountains and serene meadow suggest nothing so much as unending peace, a killing looms.

The roast beef's cow's tears are not born of fear, of pain, of the horror of impending nothingness. It's just the onions she slices for the dish she will soon join.

Addendum: It's another illustration from the animal lovers at Baytril!


Desdemona said...

"The hills are alive..." (and so is Betsy. For now.)

Frogulous said...

Seems like some subtle torture. "We gonna cook ya, but yer too plain. Chop up some stuff to be cooked with so you got some flavor." Am I just seeing something that isn't there? Is there a guy just out of frame with a shotgun on her? We can never know. Creepy.

Anonymous said...

Just what sort of person would find this ad appealing in the way the publishers intended? This is one of the sickest ways to sell meat I can think of, though one of the most honest. This seems to be making a cheap joke about violence against women. Even the ads where the animals look happy and pleased at the prospect of being consumed are more palatable than this. This is arousing, yes, but more in the sense of protective rage than appetite.