Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nikol Baking Dish

In this grotesque parody of relaxed recreation, a dead chicken hot tubs her cares away. It's a theme we've seen many times before (here is a wonderful example)—the reinterpretation of ghastly extremes as commonplace situations.

This isn't a slaughtered bird cooking in boiling liquid. No, no, nothing of the sort!

It's a scene of sensual bliss, the headless and footless chicken unwinding after a hard day, soaking her tired muscles and soothing her plucked skin.

You can almost hear the spa attendant: Scalding broth? You're soaking in it.

Can you read the tagline at the bottom of the ad? "Treat your food to something good."

Dead animals never had it so easy!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... By FAR the most horrible picture posted yet. We should add a few more nooses.

Cavall de Quer said...

Oh god!

Becci said...

Gross. But Phoebe, if you think this is the most horrible pic posted yet, you really need to go through the archives. :(

Deb said...

More a case of suicide food, in Brazil, I live in sao paulo and going through a big city market diver who sells food, vegetables, sweets, and unfortunately, meat and even live Animals. store's name means "happy pig, Meat noble and exotic. That butcher seems more a horror show, because they sell veal, piglets, lambs, foie gras and even alligator! (Sorry if difficult to understand, I'm using the google translator)
thanks, Deborah

(link: http://www.porcofeliz.com.br/index.htm)

Ben said...

No, it's not difficult to understand. Suicidefood is, regrettably, the universal language.