Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maiklin's Barbecues

The simple joys of a job well done; some of us need nothing more than that.

These three chums, lingering forever in their bygone age, are suffused, replete, aglow with friendship and a calm that's twinned to duty. Not obligation, with its brash demands, its needy insistence! But duty, the beacon of service!

Duty, the first calling of the Friend.

It is within this heartfelt bond, shared one to the other, that the friends find themselves: the pig beneath the tines that will stab his smiling carcass, the cow before the carving knife, and the man, destined to be left behind. But they will wait for him! While he stabs and carves and serves their steaming meat to any take-out customers—the meat having been cooked over wood!—they will wait. Performing their eternal service, the Duty of the Dead, they will wait for their friend.

(Thanks to Dr. Ari for the referral. Original image source here.)

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