Friday, May 14, 2010

Dave-Bob's BBQ & Such

We suppose Dave-Bob just forgot to include his little friend in the name of the business. They're obviously bosom buddies. They're so at-ease.

That's no random pig, corralled for a photo-op. These two obviously go way back. You can practically feel the warmth between them. We would have expected the establishment to be called Dave-Bob 'n' Waylon (or whoever).

It's a puzzle how his pal slipped his mind. It's almost as though—stick with us here—it's almost as though Dave-Bob doesn't see the pig as a peer. In spite of the arm slung around the pig's shoulder, could it be that Dave-Bob thinks of his friend as, well… As more of a commodity than a companion? We know, we know. It's tough to believe.

And could it be that the pig is satisfied with the arrangement? Naturally! He's filling the crucial role of "American Grassroots Food," after all! Heady stuff for a simple country pig!

Addendum: Dave-Bob?


John V. said...

Maybe Dave is the name of the guy in the "D" hat and Bob is the name of the hog? Like, um, Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera being called Hanna-Barbera?

Anonymous said...

I like John's theory. Also, the most disturbing part of this is the "& such."

Cavall de Quer said...

"...and fun", don't forget the fun.......for whom, we wonder?

John V. said...

Fun for Dave... significantly less fun for Bob.