Friday, October 31, 2008

Hallmark Poultry Processors Ltd.

He's the cock of the walk, the Hallmark Poultry Processors Ltd. rooster is!

He's got the world by the horns. It's all laid out there in front of him, a land covered in gold dust. All he's got to do is bend down and scoop it up! No wonder he's whistling a tune as he moseys along.

Yes sir, life is good. He's got a hat, a bandanna, even a holstered six-shooter! Matter of fact, the only things he doesn't have are self-respect and the will to live, but if you can't buy 'em down to the Woolworth's, he's not interested. And so he'll go on whistling his tune right up until the second the axe falls on his humble, despairing neck.

Again we wonder what has become of the masculine icons of the past. A cowboy should be out on the range cursing at cattle and drinking campfire coffee, not lollygagging and waiting for some fellas in suits to gun him down. It just ain't right. But in Suicidefoodistan, nothing's right. Everything's for sale and nothing's worth a damn.

(Thanks to Dr. Becci for the referral and to Dr. halv99 for the photo.)

Addendum: Is this Hallmark company related to this Hallmark company? If so, they've got quite a way with a logo!


"Dr." Becci said...

I know it's too small to see, but one of the creepiest things about this picture is the fact that he is singing, "Take me home!"

The truck is parked near a slaughterhouse right in the city. The doors are often open and if you walk by, you can see blood literally spilling across the floor and into the alley way.

Grumpus said...

I have to look away whenever I see these sick mofes driving by. NOT classy to have a cowboy chicken endorsing his own consumption!!

And poultry "processing" is such an innocent seeming word for the gore/stench contained therein!

One last thing: orange, brown and yellow is the most satanic colour combo.