Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Sugar Shack BBQ

Strut back in time with us, won't you, to the candy-colored utopia of 1979.

It was a time when a pig could wear a yellow vest with a purple shirt and nobody would bat an eye. Hell, a pig could lean on a giant, murderous fork, and nobody made a fuss.

Yes, back then, turkeys knew the score. (Not actual turkeys, but turkeys of the jive variety.)

In the case of Sugar, we can't say whether it's the music, the freewheeling, high-heeled atmosphere, or the simple desire to kill and be killed, but we can say the pig is working it.

There he is in front of his awkwardly slanted shack, letting the beats lure the customers. As soon as they arrive, they're treated to pig (and cow!) parts galore. And then, for his finale, Sugar impales himself on his fork and Huggy Bears his way to hip hop heaven.

And we should note that the 70s vibe notwithstanding, the folks at Sugar Shack see their enterprise as decidedly up-to-date. Their menu features the Notorious P.I.G., the Texas O.G., and Baby Got Back ribs, along with the Wrappers Delight period piece (refer to the Sugar Hill Gang album cover).

It's a puntastic punabration of epic, inner city punportions!

(Thanks to Dr. Bea for the referral.)


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Desdemona said...

"The Notorious P.I.G.?!"

This day just gets better and better; I think it's definitely time to start drinking.

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