Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reef n' Beef

We have not spent time with the imposter meme for quite a while. We find this example every bit as insidious as anything the suicidefoodists have concocted.

In order to meet an arbitrary standard—unAustralian food need not apply—the animals deny their very identities.

Don't you see? The animals will settle for nothing less than death. If they cannot achieve it through honest means—the pleading, the demanding, the brazen flesh-peddling we've seen so many times we have nothing left to vomit—they will achieve it through fraudulent means. What choice have they been given by Reef n' Beef? (Yes, they really do want the apostrophe there.)

Masquerading as the newest "It" animal of the gastronome's changing tastes, the pig hopes for the best. Perhaps his consumers will be so meat-drunk they won't notice the crude stitching, the ill-fitting tail.

And what must this pig be thinking? So long the despised darling of the professional carnivore class, to find himself forced to impersonate a crocodile? A beast whose meat is typically disdained, whose skin alone is ordinarily deemed worthy of exploitation?! The Earth wobbles on its axis.

Cows as kangaroos, chickens as emus.

Whatever it takes, people. Whatever it takes.

(Thanks to Dr. Elaine for the referral.)


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Canaduck said...

What the hell, those are so fucking creepy. And sadistic. I can only hope the masks hooked over the poor animals' faces were added later by photoshop.