Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mennella's Poultry Co.

To whom can the chickens and turkeys turn when a vicious world means to do them in? To whom can they turn for redress? To whom can they turn for protection and the restoration of their stolen honor? Who will be their advocate? Their voice? Their staff and support?

Who will help imperiled poultry?

Not this joker, that's for sure.

Whatever it is he's up to, it ain't helping the feathered underclass. He is working the wrong side of the street! It's like Batman sharing a condo with the Riddler. Cozy, yes, but counterproductive when it comes to tackling crime.

When the call comes in and the chicken signal lights up the skies as a beacon, SC (Super Chicken?) strips off his skin and feathers (feeling woozy here) and leaps into the refrigerated chicken truck! Then, arriving at the scene of danger, he pushes his people into the flames and jumps in after them.

What did the chickens do to deserve such a crummy hero?

(Thanks to Dr. Mack-the-Spork for the referral.)

Addendum: This is the second poultrified superzero we've profiled. There was also El Pollo Supremo!

Addendum 2 (12/07/08): Another chicken peeling his skin off. Rather, the same chicken peeling his skin off.

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