Monday, September 29, 2008

Callears R&R Bar-B-Que

All kinds of distasteful.

1: The suggestion that being broiled over the coals is equivalent to a good workout is offensive, of course, but also… Huh?

Callears' barbecues are mobile, and the pig is… jogging, so… he's mobile, too, and… It's kind of the same thing? Right? Make sense?

2: The nothing-on-but-sneakers-and-headbands-and-wristband look is every bit as queasy-making. The pig is human enough to engage in waistline-trimming exercise—while wearing the appropriate gear—but not human enough to merit real clothing? Cover yourself!

3: The pig's expression—"Ain't this a kick!"—almost makes him immune to sympathy. Pal, you're racing to your own death, and you know it! Wipe the smile off your face!

4: Finally, if the pig's got a motorcycle, what's he doing jogging?

Who's kidding who, pig?

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