Sunday, June 1, 2008

Davis Poultry Equipment

This rooster is all man. In fact, he appears to have the power to accomplish any task he sets his mind to. He could lay low the rotten temple of factory farming. He could pledge himself to the chickens, to defend them and protect them.

And yet. He holds not the wrench of the saboteur, but the tool of the enabler. His is the banner of his master, not the flag of the oppressed. He has the capacity to bring the system down from the inside, then to rebuild it according to his vision. Instead, he strives to repair the system even as it creaks and falls around him.

But maybe—just maybe—the equipment manufactured and promoted by Davis Poultry Equipment and their hypermasculine mascot isn't as sinister as we've assumed. Maybe they design and build machines such as the Newborn Chick Tickler and the Feather Fluffer and the Warming Hug Provider.


They do not.

Their product line, however, does include these tender devices*:

  • The Neck Skinner ("skin the neck while the neck is still attached to the carcass")
  • The Killing Machine ("designed for minimum wing damage")
  • The Outside Bird Scrubber (prevents "fecal failures")
  • The Turbo 250 Gizzard Machine ("monitor the machine from your desk")
  • The Stunning Machine ("made with high speed in mind")
  • The Gut Cutter ("cuts the intestines to an appropriate length")

    Look again at the rooster. Do you understand now why he hides his eyes?

    *Regrettably, all machine names and description excerpts are taken directly from the Davis Poultry Equipment website.

    sean said...

    Most of those sound like low-budget horror movie titles

    Anonymous said...

    If only more meat-eaters would visit the websites of slaughterhouse equipment makers. There's just such a huge rift there.

    They just may be singing a different tune..."I feel like tofu tonight!"

    Invictus said...

    That is a very sexualized rooster!

    Katie said...

    wow. just wow.

    Anonymous said...

    Well I think it's a cool rooster logo for there company. No worse than the cows that mayfield milk uses. I EAT MEAT AND LOVE IT

    Anonymous said...

    Davis Poultry does not kill the chickens they make the equipment for the chicken plants.

    Ben said...

    "Davis Poultry does not kill the chickens they make the equipment for the chicken plants."

    Well, there's a distinction without a difference.

    Anonymous said...

    That is an awesome logo. Have any of you even been to a chicken plant? I think not. Chickens are stunned before any killing (the chicken is basically put asleep by low voltage . Then their throat is cut and then aloud to bleed. This has been thoroughly studied by UGA to achieve the desired result with minimal pain to the animal.

    News flash don't eat tofu vegetables, or drive your car or use electricity. You will be killing plants, using fuel derived from dead animals (dinosaurs) and polluting the environment. Don't mow your grass either your causing it extreme pain. Get a life people.

    Sarah said...

    hey, "anonymous" ... a "chicken plant"? you mean, the slaughterhouse where they process birds? friend, if you did your research, you'd know that a lot of those birds miss the stun bath, therefore their throats are slit and they are scalded while they are still alive. this happens more often than not.

    the "UGA"? what the hell's that? i've heard of all the other agencies that inspect these slaughterhouses, but not the "UGA". perhaps you mean the good ol' USDA? yeah, that's what you meant, you self-righteous good for nothing person you.

    and, what are "tofu vegetables"? this is a new development and something you should market to the vegans immediately.

    you, sir, need to get a life and go bother someone else.

    Anonymous said...

    Again I say you have not been to a chicken plant( potato,potatoe, tomato,tomatoe)The chickens go through a guided trough that has a metal grid that has water covering that is about 6 feet or longer their lowered down to ensure stunning. You simply have no idea what you are talking about. UGA is the University of Georgia,oh that is in the state of Georgia in Athens. For your info to the USDA does a walk through and if your stunner will is not working or missing the line will have to shut down until it is repaired. You did not ever say if you drove home on the backs of those dinosaurs. Oh so it is ok for you to bother things you know nothing about.

    Sarah said...

    O.K., you win, Anonymous. You're right, and I'm wrong. I guess I need to go visit a "chicken plant" and talk to the UGA about their stunning methods.


    Lex said...

    Please invite me and my camera to any chicken plant. I'm ready to go. I'll be traumatized for life, but the footage I get should help to put your company out of business. Sorry you've been brought up to think of animals as food. You're an adult now and have the ability to change that impression.

    PS. Chicken has almost the same amount of Cholesterol as Beef, so in the end the Chickens will get revenge. Right now every artery in your body is clogged by their dead carcasses you've ingested. You're a walking grave yard. You're dick probably can't get hard because of the blockage, your eye sight is getting worse because of the blockage, your hearing is getting worse because of the blockage, the cholesterol has been deposited in your muscles, tendons, and best of all your HEART.

    Anonymous said...

    Look at both of Sarah and Lex's posts. Sarah is wanting to take up cannibalism and Lex is giving us incite into fanaticism,hate speech, and wanton death of another human. How vulgar you both are.

    An80sReaganite said...

    As someone who has worked extensively in the meat & poultry industry, I have to say that some of the comments out here are perverse. "That is a very sexualized rooster!" Really?
    Man (humankind, not just men) have been given dominion over all living things. Everything that lives, dies. EVERYTHING!

    Is processing (or "slaughtering") animals messy? Yes, it is. Chicken, beef, pork, lamb, etc.. provide our bodies much needed nutrition. And they do not "slaughter" themselves.

    Don't like it? Don't eat it. It just means more for the rest of us.

    I, on the other hand, want to help them do it faster, cheaper and safer for the benfit of mankind.

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