Sunday, June 29, 2008

2007 Kodiak Crab Fest

You'll pardon us for reporting so late on the 2007 crab fest. Mail service from Kodiak, Alaska, is often spotty.

The symbol of last year's Kodiak Crab Fest knows a good time when he sees one. And if it involves getting dunked in boiling water and having his legs wrenched from his body, so be it! All's fair in love and war… And fun!

Kodiak J. Crab's motto might be "It's Just Fun!" but his #1 rule for living is "No Hard Feelings!"

His ability to absolve his, uh, boilers is commendable. And thoroughly craven.

Addendum: Another creature with a peculiar sense of fun. (It's the Lee Turkey Farm turkey of East Windsor, New Jersey!) Whatever else one could say about him, he sure is easy to please! To be charitable, there really is only one word ("everyone") on his placard that gives us pause. Still, that's a 75%. A gentleman's "C." Certainly life on the farm isn't "fun" for, well, everyone.

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