Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rodolfo Langostino

We here at the Center for the Analysis of Suicide Food have been stricken with the fever that is sweeping the region. So it is possible that our perceptions and judgments are off.

Does this image actually show a Casanova in shrimp-form? Surely it's only our febrile delirium playing tricks on our eyes. Because… a leering shrimp filled with lustful thoughts of dead crustaceans… Even the purveyors of suicide food couldn't conjure up something so bizarre.

If they did, we would have to question the mental stability of Rodolfo Langostino (as the spokeshrimp is called). What sort of self-loathing is necessary to let a shrimp conclude that his company is fit only for the corpses of his kinsmen? Whether necrophilia or a shocking lack of confidence, this fellow's got real problems.

His own death will no doubt be a blessing.

(Thanks to Dr. Mar for the referral.)

Addendum: The package uses the word ultracongelado in boasting about the product. Yes, our Spanish is rusty, but doesn't that term mean "ultracongealed"? Don't they want people to buy this stuff?


Brian said...

i've actually had this and it was delicious. it means something akin to deep-frozen.

KCinDC said...

What Brian said about "ultracongelado". Either that or it means "extremely with ice cream".