Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Haili's Hawaiian Foods

A delightful (read: repulsive) twist on an old favorite!

Any old Hawaiian foods outlet can dish up a smiling pig. Hell, the smiling pig is the tritest suicide food cliché.

But do you see what Haili's has done? Can you appreciate their dedication to the cause? They have contrived to offer up something ground-breakingly, stomach-churningly new!

Their happy pig is no capering doofus. He is dead! Dead, and still he smiles!

Even with the apple of death crammed in his mouth, he smiles! This is one hau'oli pig!

Now, most suicidefoodists would have quit with the gratefully dead hog. They would have patted themselves on the backs, maybe shared a spirited high-five or two, and then called it a day.

Not Haili's. No way!

Down there, beneath the pig and his fey fetlock, beneath the garnish, beneath that Krazy Krab (doesn't he look like he's scratching his head in delighted bemusement?), a slowly rotting fish is smiling, too!

What other dead animals are smiling their way into the Stomach of Man out there on the Aloha Islands?

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Anonymous said...

I don't know about you but this actually made me hungry.