Thursday, April 24, 2008

El Conejo Fresa

Bugs Bunny has something to show you.

No, it's not his ribcage. It's his shocking mental illness.

Thrilled to die, to be slaughtered, butchered, and eaten, he can still sell even in his current state. But, you forget: this is the state (i.e., dead and skinless, livid organs laid bare) he was born to assume.

For in the world of the suicidefoodist, all life is merely prelude to the main event—death and dismemberment. In that reeking world, Cadaverrabbit is a god. A gristly god holding up as sacred the indomitable urge to be killed.

And so, there he stands, offering himself up again and again, ceaselessly, to a parade of jaded consumers. He wonders, will showing off a little more skeleton make that one extra sale? Will that shot of his bloody peritoneal cavity add a few bucks to his bottom line?

Who are we kidding? Cadaverrabbit doesn't care about such things! This isn't about commerce. It's about being dead and flayed and loving it!

(Thanks to Dr. Adria for the image.)

Addendum: Refresh your memory about other beloved characters from childhood who are hot for suicide!


Nella said...

Schiesse. I think that is possibly the worst thing I've seen on this blog. And that says a whole lot.
(Lise, logged-in version)

sean said...


Michael Wolf said...

Fresa doesn't mean fresh. Fresco (with the ending changed as appropriate) does.

Literally, fresa means strawberry. Colloquially it's harder to translate, but preppie might be the closest English equivalent. Its connotations are a bit different, though.

Ben said...

Oh, Michael! Is our face rojo!

Where were you when we needed you?

We have removed the offending passage from our post.

Alicia (aka Veganrella!!!) said...

Geesh! That's absolutely disgusting. It's wrong to me on so many different levels my mind can't wrap itself around what it should be sickened at the most or where my eyes should (or shouldn't) be focusing.

Anonymous said...

Finally got that damn wabbat!lol this is pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. If I had children, I wouldn't let them look at it. And even more, being bugs bunny it might mortify them. Looking at it almost makes me want to dry heave.

Anonymous said...

Now THIS is like the works of Clive Barker. All joking about horror films aside though, I would think this would scare children away from the resturant, not want to eat there.

Anonymous said...

Where is this place? I would definately give them a try.