Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chicken Holiday

Now here’s a harmless fellow! A little peculiar, maybe. Simple, even. A happy-go-lucky oddball, you might say.


Look beneath the festive headgear. Look beyond the ridiculous eyes. Look within the package. This mother is hard-core.

When some citizen of Meatville needs a break, a night’s respite from the demands of the kitchen and filling her family’s bellies—in short, when she needs a holiday and picks up the phone to have a dead chicken delivered to her door—the bird throws a got-damn party! Your holiday is his holiday!

This is a chicken who takes his suicidal mania seriously. He celebrates when his number’s up, so eager is he to break free of the tender tethers binding him to his own life. This is one serious (and seriously messed up) chicken.

Addendum: Another suicidal animal in a party hat. (Source.)

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