Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reed's Seafood #3

Our bitter fish serves as a reminder that suicidal animals are a varied bunch. Not all are driven by depression’s ragged demons, nor led by stupidity’s deranged deputies. Some, like this fish, are motivated by a force more powerful than misery, greed, fear, or even ignorance. For them, vengeance is the goal. The hunger for it is power. It can make a troubled main dish betray his kind, and perform even grosser misdeeds.

It is left to us only to imagine what scheme the fish has concocted. Clearly, it involves the deaths of many of his finned fellows. That goes without saying. But we believe there is more.

After dispatching his kin in pot after pot of fish-based horror, the chef has one last entrée in mind. His masterpiece, if you will. Having committed such depredations, such desperate carnage, the chef finally feels worthy of the ultimate. At last, he can offer himself to the cruel pleasures of "self-sacrifice."

Remember: Revenge is a dish best served piping hot, with a hint of tarragon.

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