Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pahl Fleischerei & Gasthaus

Another flesh-filled wonderland! (Did we say "another"? Indeed. Or have you forgotten this establishment?) What we have here is more than your garden-variety porkstore presided over by two snappy young pigs. (And, no, Gasthaus is not German for "ghastly house," although the error is understandable.)

It is as though the world were destroyed and reconstituted—remade from the Divine Substance, all of creation reborn as meat. And not just inert stuff, the merest of matter, contemptible for its lifelessness. No! Meat that is alive with death! Meat that frolics from beyond the grave! Pigs reconstructed from the remains of the once-alive!

This is "art" for people unable to appreciate animals that do not come in the form of food. Again, we see the soulless proposition stated: animal = meat. And it has never been stated with such stunning conviction. The entire ap-Pahl-ling enterprise is a monument to this hated equation. And they take it further than pigs, those despised darlings of the Movement. At the hands of Pahl, dogs, cats, turtles (!), and even… humans are rendered in the medium of meat.

Here, by way of example, is the first wedding we have featured, and it is the most depressing ceremony ever.

"Do you, pig effigy crafted from an assortment of dead pig parts, take this other hellish assemblage of sausage to be your lawful wedded whatever-the-hell-you'd-call-it? If anyone has reason to believe this marriage should not be made, please vomit in that pail over there."

The rational response to such a world is horror. But for the suicidefoodist, the response is rapture. And salivating. Lots of salivating.

(Thanks to Dr. David for the referral.)

Addendum: Here is the happy couple before their engagement.

Addendum 2: And the less said about the Wurstblumenstrauß ("sausage bouquet"), the better.

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Emmie said...

That is some of the nastiest 'food' I have ever seen. Maybe I'm hormonal or something but I cried a little over that :(