Saturday, February 2, 2008

Racin' and Tastin'

This poor, mentally disadvantaged pig.

On one level, he knows everyone's there to watch the shiny cars go 'round and 'round, and to see and admire him. He knows this is a special day for him, and he has come along willingly. Yes, on one level, he comprehends.

On another level, however, he is the deceived innocent. Could he know of his guardians' intentions? Of their desire to suck the flesh from his bones? Could he know that he is that which will be tasted?

Look at his eyes. There is eagerness in his eyes. There is love and, most heart-wrenching of all, there is trust. "Those cars're fast, all right, just like you said they'd be! Say, what are you doin' with them knives?"

Racing and tasting have never been marked by such shame.

And may we remark again on the wry aptness of checkered flags as suicidefoodist iconography? They stand for spectacle, indeed, but also for the triumph of mankind over whatever noble impulses might constrain his behavior. More to the point, they symbolize this animal's end. He has reached the finish line. His race done, he may now live out his remaining minutes in the glow of his many storied accomplishments.

Addendum (4/10/08): Hey, how about this Big Subpoenas BBQ team mascot!

Addendum 2 (11/26/08): And here is again, on a bottle of Ahrun's Famous Carolina Mustard Barbeque Sauce!

Addendum 3 (12/11/08): And again! Posing on a naughty T-shirt!

Addendum 4 (2/04/09): What's funny about this one… Oh, it's a real knee-slapper! See, what's funny about this one is the poor pig has discovered that his sweetheart is actually a slut selling kisses. Or, no, giving them away. And—this is the kicker—she's already dead! She's got the apple in her mouth and everything!

Addendum 5 (4/17/09): Now he's working for John Hardy's Bar-B-Q, along with a nonplussed cow and chicken.

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