Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Ecstasy of Anticipation

The pig in blissful anticipation of the blessed First Bite is suicidefoodism's version of the pietà.

Instead of Mary mourning the babe in her lap, we have pigs (each one a stand-in for the pig of pigs, Babe) savoring the food soon to be on their plates (or, as in the case of Vindiola's, the food that has already been served). And, we must add, savoring the food they are soon to be. And so, in the skilled hands of a suicidefoodist master, this anti-pietà is a celebration, not a vigil of despair.

The pigs can't wait! Tongues out, flared nostrils sucking in the divine aroma of cooked pigs, perhaps raising a prayer of thanks to the cook, our pigs might appear to be not, suicidal, but merely… human.

But no.

It is our contention that they are not simply eating a burnt offering. They are transforming themselves into superofferings! Just as the predator, through eating its prey, concentrates environmental pollutants in its fatty tissues, so our pig-eating pigs concentrate the sanctity of the sacrifice!

(Clockwise from top left: Mary-Jean's Southern Homestyle Bar-B-Que Sauce, John's Roast Pork, Vindiola's Smoke-A-Licious BBQ, Sau Guad [image source, referred by Dr. Elaine].)


kristina said...

wonderful blog. check this out - one of the most disguisting advertisements i have seen.
the slogan says 'when you want some meat...'. it's a Lithuanian meat producer company. with a dancing pig on their logo.

Ben said...

Kristina, that is horrendous! Thank you!