Sunday, February 10, 2008

Smoke Break BBQ

Have you ever laid eyes on a pig so "relaxed"? A pig so at ease with the horrifying inevitability that awaits him?

We can't know for certain what is in his "cigar," but we can guess. Perhaps something to take the edge off? Something to blur the thoughts—the very psychological categories and distinctions that cause anxiety and fear? (Distinctions like prey/predator and alive/dead.)

Whether his substance use (abuse?) is the cause or the consequence of his desire to die, we also can't know for certain. Such mystery! Fitting that, attendant to matters of life and death, we find, always, mystery.

(Image source.)

Addendum: With an image as compelling as this one, is it any wonder that it has been adapted to a wide range of messages, from the implicit to the explicit? From "I am here supporting your decision to eat dead pigs" to "Please announce your preference for eating dead pigs." Such a diversity of thought and opinion! Suicidefoodism is, indeed, a big tent.

(Source of "oink" image.)

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