Thursday, December 31, 2009

Roc City Rib Fest

It's the second-largest pig we've ever seen, falling behind this world dominator and just above the Brooklyn Behemoth.

Casually leaning against Rochester, New York's Chase Tower, this mutant provides the perfect opportunity for our annual (or, you know, monthly?) discussion of the Submissive Dominant.

This pig dwarfs the Rochester skyline. He is a pig of Godzillish proportions who could easily topple the greater metropolitan area, festooning it with rubble and crushed bodies, without breaking a sweat. Or he could simply leave the city, swatting away helicopters like flies, and find a safe grove in which to grow old.

But what does the thoroughly domesticated Goliath do instead? He smiles for the camera, and cheerfully symbolizes the death and consumption of pigs, secure in his supposed shades-wearing coolness!

This is the fundamental discrepancy of suicidefoodism, the disconnect between What Is Rational and What Merely Is.

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