Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thunder Smoked

We are witness to the birth of one of the Movement's foundational myths, something that could finally make sense of the senselessness we have grudgingly accepted.

On the third day, when the Raven did alight upon the Crag, Hog-Thor beheld the sacred Crucible.

Then did Hog-Thor summon forth the many-tined Forks, summoned he them from the Thunder.

Kindled the Flame did Hog-Thor, kindling it with his enchanted Tongs.

Hog-Thor looked within the Smoke, and a Vision did he see.

Ranks of hogs, their Tusks like gleaming Blades, leapt atop the Coals. Again did Hog-Thor bring down upon them the Lightning that they may be cooked, their skin burnished like unto gold. Smoked by the very Thunder, the pigs found passage to the Lands of Joyful Rooting.

And even now, these centuries beyond, the pigs still dream of Death with Glory. Only the bravest, boldest, and best among them can hope to be cooked in Hog-Thor's smoking Oven.

When you see a Star, do not look away. For that is a fallen hog, and he smiles on you.

(Thanks to Dr. Bea for the referral.)

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Anonymous said...

Excellent mythography. Somehow we need to fit in Särimner, the pig who is slaughtered anew each night to feed the warriors at Odin's table. Then he comes back to life! I call that suicidefood service.