Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mansfield Village Kid's Fishing Rodeo

Now this just ain't straight shootin'!

If we didn't know better, we'd think this Indiana fishing rodeo involved fish whipping out the ol' lassoo and snagging themselves a cow. Or something. (Remember Fish Tickle, a similarly misleading fish-related deal?)

See, because—stay with us here—this event does not actually give fish the chance to act out their lifelong dream of being cowboys. No, the fish rodeo gives them the chance merely to be the same old bottom-of-the-barrel victim they always are.

They don't buckle on the ol' gunbelt and prove their dominance in nature's arena. They're not active participants at all. They're objects.

In other words, they are the target, not the shooter.

Addendum: Yes, we are aware that the proceeds from this event are to be directed to a children's research hospital. That's charitable and kind. The imagery? Uncharitable and unkind.

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