Monday, December 21, 2009

KC's Rib Shack

It's a treasure trove of recycled "jokes" and thrice-told tales!

For instance: Vegetarians are limp-wristed sissy-hippies.

Much like working-class people who can be conned into supporting the whims of their corporate masters, Porky the KC's pig appears to have been deceived into backing the goals of the "meatetarians" who won't rest until his bones have been picked clean.

You see, Porky has somehow gotten it into his head that the "annoying" vegetarians are the real threat, and they need to be neutralized.

It's not his killers and grillers he's worried about. It's the self-righteous pork-abstainers that've got him riled up. How dare they refuse him!

Porky, they're playing you. And then they're eating you.


winston smith said...

actually, this advert isn't too far from the truth. an all-natural, grass fed diet certainly results in much tastier animals.

Becci said...

Way to stay relevant, winston smith.

Skeletondog said...

Ahh, what better way to express your disagreement with someone than by joking about killing them and hacking their bodies apart?
Mmm mm classy!
Also - one thing that always strikes me about the 'bad hunter' joke is the fact that it implies most meat eaters retrieve their own food, as opposed to picking up some already-slaughtered captive animal flesh at the store. Hahahha, aaah.