Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Just look at the cute little investment!

Have you ever seen an investment with such a happy, little smile?

With Elanco, you can protect him and make sure nothing happens to him.

Remember: "Elanco products enhance animal health, wellness, and performance"! And before you ask, no, performance doesn't mean, like, juggling. It means putting on weight admirably and economically.

Lest you suspect that the Elanco folks might not actually care about the well-being of the pigs they protect, read what they have to say about respiratory disease and how keenly they feel its effects:
Healthy, heavier nursery pigs improve returns all the way to market. But respiratory disease that slows growth and increases variation can cost you plenty.
Disease, as we all know, can increase variation (gasp!) and play hob with your bottom line.

Keep smiling, little pig. Elanco's looking out for their profit-and-loss statements. That is to say, you. They're looking out for you. That's what we meant.

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