Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pekingeend Duck

An international atrocity! It's a package of Dutch Peking duck!

Look for a moment at the mother duck's face. The faint smile playing about her bill, the lines beneath the eye that just might represent… tears? A mother's tears and a mother's smile, put together, can mean only one thing: maternal pride!

The mother duck is proud! Proud that her offspring has managed to achieve what she herself could not. Look at him there, dead, head lolling obscenely over the edge of the platter, body plucked, feet jammed into those hideous, euphemistic paper hats! What's not to be proud of?

And what a way to ring in the new year. Just keep telling yourself things can only get better from here!

(Thanks to Dr. Edmund for the referral.)

Addendum: Now that you've "enjoyed" your New Year's duck, how about a helping of New Year's pig?


Anonymous said...

The paper hats are the worst.

Anonymous said...

That, and any sensible chef would have removed the head.

Anonymous said...

Very funny! One note, though -- "eend" in Dutch means "duck", so your title "Pekingeend duck" will strike an (admittedly very small) portion of your audience as redundant.

I see plenty of examples of suicide foods around Flanders. I will have to keep my camera handy in the future....

Unknown said...

Ugh... It's a morbid Pietà!