Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rainier Restaurant

Pig: Seriously, guys, this is gonna be great.

Chicken: I think you need to explain it again.

Pig: What is your guyses' problem? It's so simple!

Duck: Okay, okay. We show up and then…

Pig: They eat us.

Chicken: Yeah, that's what I thought you said. I guess I just hoped I heard it wrong.

Duck: So they eat us.

Pig: Yes, they eat us. What is so hard to understand?

Duck: Why are we wearing napkins?

Pig: It's funny!

Chicken: And why are you holding silverware?

Duck: How are you holding silverware?

Pig: It just makes it funny! Like, "Oh, here we are, ready to enjoy our meal. What's that you say? We are the meal?" That's funny! It's good!

Duck: Because they eat us.

Pig: Yes! Now you get it!

Chicken: I don't get it.

Duck: Me neither.

Chicken: Where's the funny part?

Pig: The whole thing is the funny part!

Chicken: But we get eaten—

Pig: Here they come. Just act surprised!

(Thanks to Dr. Mrs. Suicidefood for the referral.)


John V. said...

Asking how you hold cutlery with pig trotters is like asking Strong Bad how he can type with boxing gloves. But notice how we don't atually *see* how the pig is holding the knife and fork, they may be welded to the table for all we know. Maybe he's intending to fall/throw himself on them like a defated general on his sword?

argumentics said...

The duck is kinda perky asking about the napkin; he/she is wearing 'em too.

Anonymous said...

Here's one do-si-do with a cow----