Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rain Modern Infusion Cuisine

Seattle's Rain restaurant features this cheery fish, and his incandescent smile would shine just as bright without the aid of neon. It's hard to imagine a more friendly fellow. He's so welcoming! So full of a spirit of generosity! So… unnatural!

Come again? Unnatural? How so? He is unnatural in that he—a fish—avoids all water, even rain. He has renounced every aspect of his essential fishness. Well, every aspect save one: his edibility. He denies himself every natural impulse, every innate need. Air, food, safety, and procreation. No, he needs none of these. He wants nothing from you! Nothing from the world!

He exists only to serve and be served. He even believes that cooking is too good for him. His idea of heaven—a dry, dry, fish-free heaven—is being scaled, sliced, and swallowed.

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1 comment:

Giselle said...

"... scaled, sliced, and swallowed."

You forgot seasoned and sautéed... ;)