Monday, July 21, 2008

Ed Boudreaux's Bayou Bar-B-Que

We tried.

We have stared at this thing for three hours straight, forgoing all food (except liquids) and human companionship. We have pondered it. We have challenged it. We have sought and failed to find.

We have asked the ceiling, the sky, the heavens above and received no answer. We are alone.

"How could this make someone want to eat dead pigs?" And then, more quietly, "How could this image be any less appealing (short of nudity and open sores)?"

A bedraggled Mardi Gras vagrant—the single-strap overalls, the frayed cuffs—rides a baleful pig, his jingle bell reins announcing the coming of calamity and giving all within earshot the chance to hide behind their deadbolts.

This does not exactly stimulate the appetite. Or so we pray.

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Anonymous said...

what makes this sign/restaurant even more disturbing, to me at least, is that the previous tenant of the building was a vegan restaurant. i worked as a cook there and was pissed to see a BBQ place move in within a month. as a slap in the face, they were quick to advertise that they had vegan options. seriously!?! you think we are going to enjoy eating food being surrounded by the smell of burning flesh?