Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pigs Gone Wild

Finally, barbecue for fans of debauchery and voyeurism! Yes, there was this classic exemplar of the form, but Pigs Gone Wild has added a touch of realism that elevates (or, you know, lowers) matters to a new level!

They give us the truth, the real suburban-kids-set-loose-on-Spring-Break stuff: the empties on the pavement, the camcorder, even the slutty sow's tan lines! They have really thought this thing through!

Considering that most competitive barbecuers (we can't tell you how strange that phrase still seems to us) are men older than, oh, 30, we find this perplexing and nervous-making. Don't these barbecuing fellas have children? And if so, doesn't it stand to reason that some of them have, you know, girl children? Aren't scenes like the one immortalized in this logo the stuff of paternal nightmare? Daddy's little girl led astray by some beery pervert with a video camera and a pocketful of roofies?

But they slap the tableau on T-shirts and signs and what-not, choosing to identify with… Well, with the leering videographer, one supposes.

What this has to do with barbecue—apart from the standard marriage of sex and violence—we cannot imagine.

This almost reads as an advertising message targeted at the pigs themselves. Be wild! You deserve to let loose. Don't listen to those old pigs who warn you away from the grill. Get yourself cooked! It's the biggest thrill there is!

Addendum (7/28/08): What is it with barbecuers (in this case, the folks at Hogs Gone Wild)? They see dead pigs sizzling on the grill and their minds go straight to the gutter. (Thanks to Dr. William for the photo.)


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you don't consider this a 5 noose issue.

Anonymous said...

Carol J. Adams could base an entire slideshow presentation on stuff found by this blog alone.

Anonymous said...

what. the. hell.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe any of you consider it an issue at all. I guess this is a further issue of the wussification of America. By the way I have a daughter and it scares the crap out of me where she might be someday, however I am confident and competent in my abilities as a parent to teach her right from wrong. Furthermore, at some point there is only some much you can do and they have to live with the consequence of their decisions. Otherwise we would just keep all our kids at home for the rest of their lives.