Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Buffalo Dude

We will grant that the following observation could be offensive or insulting to some of our readers:

This suicidefoodist imagery is the first instance of bear iconography we have yet seen. (No, not bear bear. Please, follow the link.)

The buffalo is hyper-masculine, hairy, and aggressively sexual.

The dude's got his "hands" on his hips, and he's staring us down, challenging us to, you know, eat his… "meat."

Here we have the perfectly realized, and perfectly unholy, marriage of sex and violence that suicidefoodism strives to deliver. It's more than marriage, actually. In this unhappy version, this sneering mockery, sex and violence are dissolved in a poisonous brew where neither exists anymore, each having transformed the other into but an ingredient of one noxious solution.

Whether he seeks suicide, sexual conquest, or some unspeakable new possibility, the buffalo stands for a world turned inside out.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to think of what "unspeakable new possibility" could be worse than sexual conquest by an anthropomorphized buffalo...

Anonymous said...

only three nooses?!

Anonymous said...

I must agree with Sean: "Only three nooses?!"

Ethical vegans are constantly criticized for anthropomorphizing nonhumans, while, in reality, this is foundational, as you constantly point out, in the advertisement of nonhuman flesh.

The same could be said of the scientific community: The nonhuman is “sacrificed,” not exploited or tortured out of curiosity, which is implicitly anthropomorphic. It's an interesting contradiction.